Two Vehicles with Fantastic Three-Seater Capability

The back seat is a feature that isn’t typically at the forefront of attention for a vehicle. Aspects like mpg ratings, engine performance, and high-tech doodads get the most light shed on them, while only briefly mentioning the car’s seating capacity. All these features are obviously important but, for families, the amount of space in the vehicle matters so much with kids.

As your Chrysler Indianapolis auto dealership, we’re here to help you find what best suits your needs—even if that need just happens to be a triple seat. Start with these two amazing vehicles.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

If you’re looking for heavy-duty seating options, a minivan is just what you need. The Chrysler Pacifica is ranked as one of the highest in this class of vehicle.

The Pacifica’s seating options exceed expectations, both in comfort and accessibility. Standard 7-seater models are comfortable, with plenty of room for passengers of all sizes, while an optional 8-seater variant provides even more room.

This vehicle’s seating arrangement includes high compatibility for both car seats and booster seats. Easy-access latches let you install these items in seconds without sacrificing safety. All latches, levers, and anchors are visible and accessible which makes adjusting them on the fly stress-free.

The roomy interior makes it easy to step between the second row of seats to the third row, so you could spend less time fussing loading up the kids in the car. The Pacifica’s third-row seats aren’t cramped at all, either—unlike other minivans—so no one’s going to complain about getting stuck in the back row!

On the flip side, the 2017 Pacifica offers excellent fuel conservation for a minivan, as well as spot-on handling. It sports a quiet and smooth ride for minimal distraction and maximum comfort. The 2017 model includes a selection of incredible quality-of-life features for drivers, and a few that focus on keeping tiny passengers entertained.

When you drive a Pacifica, you’ll save big on gas—at least compared to other minivans. That makes this year’s model an excellent long-term investment. With a starting price of around $29,000, Chrysler’s really managed to pack a lot into a small financial obligation.

2017 Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger is one of the most notorious high-performance sedans on the market. When equipped with the top-of-the-line Hellcat engine, it provides an insane 707 horsepower, but it’s hardly required for everyday driving. The standard V6 engine’s 292 horsepower is already enough for most drivers, showing just a tiny a glimpse of its true power.

The Charger also offers rear-wheel driving, which noticeably improves its handling compared to front-wheel drives. Many police departments across the country use the Charger as their standard vehicles for the raw performance alone. Improved handling obviously benefits parents because it’s easier to keep little ones safe.

2017 Dodge Charger

The 2017 Charger’s spacious backseat is also a winner when it comes to improved functionality. Three individual rear bucket seats create the perfect answer to little ones complaining about being stuck in the middle hump seat and increase the overall spaciousness of the vehicle, too. Naturally, this means you can fit plenty in the backseat without folding down the seats for access to the trunk.

Don’t have kids? That doesn’t mean you can’t benefit. Hauling around home improvement materials or small pieces of furniture is more than feasible with a Charger.

Last (but certainly not least), the new Charger’s price point is also a little bit amazing in its own right. Although this is a high-performance vehicle, drivers can expect to pay right around $28,000. Achieving 30 mpg in a vehicle at this price point translates into a lot of bang for your buck.

Which of these vehicles is best for families? The 2017 Pacifica may win out, but it’s a close race. The best benefit in both, at least for families, road-trippers, and travelers, is easily the increased performance in each vehicle and the incredible amount of seating. Best of all, neither sacrifices anything for comfort and accessibility in the process. Visit a Chrysler dealership in Indianapolis to test drive or purchase your very own family-friendly vehicle to access the hauling space you need!