Ram Trucks: Outstanding and Reliable Full-Size Trucks

Americans love their trucks. Since we’ve all moved past the days of cowboys and their horses, there’s no current pairing more iconic than the hard-working American and their truck. Americans love American trucks because Americans know that nothing beats the work an American can do.

Not just any truck will do. Americans need to know that their trucks can work just as hard as they do and that they can handle all manner of loads and challenges and keep on performing hard and reliably—a truck that won’t suddenly quit on them or fail under pressure when the going gets too tough. One that starts up every morning without fail and lasts for years and years and miles and miles to come.

Ram Trucks

Those trucks are Ram 1500 trucks, available at your local Dodge dealership.

Ram 1500 trucks are widely noted and incredibly popular for their versatility and range of options and their unbeatable ride comfort. Because they use coil and spring suspension, like you’d find on a car or SUV, rather than leaf spring suspension, Ram 1500 trucks have a smooth, comfortable ride over a range of terrain and conditions. Even with modern suspension, Ram trucks have one of the lowest starting prices for a full-size truck, making them an attractive option for many buyers.

All Ram 1500 trucks come standard with an 8-speed transmission, giving you an effortless glide through gears when traveling down the road, and engine options range from a reliable 305 horsepower V6, with up to 25 miles per gallon on the highway, a powerful, close to 400 horsepower V8, and, unlike most other full-size trucks available, a turbodiesel engine for greatly improved fuel economy—as much as 29 miles per gallon on the highway. Also available is air suspension for smooth cruising, not unlike a car.

With eleven different models and class exclusives, there’s a Ram 1500 truck for everyone. Each one can be customized to your liking, with three sizes of cabs giving you seating for three, or as many as six with the Quad and Crew cab.

Depending on the size of the cab chosen, truck beds are available in three lengths. There’s the standard 6-foot 4-inch bed, and regular cab models can add the extended 8-foot bed. The Quad and Crew cab have the option of adding in a shorter, 5-foot 7-inch bed.

Storage can be increased with the optional RamBox system, which adds a series of waterproof compartments along the bed rails for convenient, easy storage. Ram trucks also have likely the nicest interiors of any trucks in their class, with luxurious, supportive front seats and available Uconnect infotainment touchscreen system.

Dual zone climate control and a 10-way power driver’s seat are available as well, allowing you to adjust your comfort and support on the fly.

For more information on the Ram 1500 line of trucks, including available options, pricing, and availability, contact Community Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Bloomington for all your Bloomington Dodge needs.