The RAM 1500 Night Darkens the Mood and Is Sure to Be a Head Turner

The RAM 1500 Night edition packs serious power for heavy-duty tasks and looks great while doing it. RAM’s Rebel may have more shiny features, but that doesn’t mean it’s better than the 1500, nor is it right for everyone. Those who want a capable full-sized truck with the extra looks and luxury will feel right at home with a RAM Night edition instead. Your Indianapolis RAM dealership should have at least one of these dark and brooding beauties for you to drool over if you visit in person.

The RAM Is Back in Black

The Night is a sporty edition of the Rebel with plenty of core functionality, so you won’t be missing anything in the way of features from the Rebel. The only true difference between the two is that the RAM Night looks much sleeker. The stock red and black color scheme sets this one apart, and the black is where it’s at. Sleek, elegant, slightly menacing, and just right for true truck aficionados.

Exterior Features

You’ll notice the difference right away, starting with the exterior. The front grille catches your eye with a unique honeycomb pattern and pitch-black RAM logo. Blackout headlights accentuate the head lamp’s borders, giving the Night a menacing aura in the dark. The hood shows off a stylish sports bonnet to increase airflow into the engine, improving efficiency and cooling while you drive.

The Night also comes with all-black tires, step rails, exhausts, and appropriately tinted dark windows for privacy and UV protection. On the back end, it has an all-black, starkly-designed RAM logo.

Luxurious Interior

RAM 1500 Night

The moment you step inside a RAM 1500 Night, you’ll see the real difference between it and the Rebel. Every aspect of the interior shows off a beautiful pitch-black that sends chills down your spine. The buttons are visible through cool-blue backlighting while the speedometer displays glow red. Steering wheel controls are easy to reach and ergonomic, while the rotary dial transmission interface is seamless to operate. The touchscreen controls are just as elegant and intuitive as the rest of the Night’s electronics.

The seats and steering wheel both boast high-quality leather covers and contain heating systems for those long, cold drives in the night. Automatically activating windshield wipers activate when they sense rain, to let you focus on being in the moment while you drive.

Still Has the Power

The Night is for you if you’re a die-hard off-road fan or need a real towing machine. The towing system installed during production is one less addition to worry about. It includes a hitch, trailer brake controls on the dash, and wiring to support a wide array of trailers. The hauling capacity remains prominent, and the addition of ample cargo space, spray-on bed coating, tie-down hitches, night lights, and RAM boxes on each side for extra tool storage don’t hurt the full picture, either.

The Engine

RAM Indianapolis

If you’re like most aficionados, you’re wondering, “What’s under the hood?” Like the Rebel, the Night has a 3.5-liter V6 engine that offers considerable power on its own. To get the most out of your RAM 1500 Night, consider opting for the 5.7-ltr. V8 hemi engine for that extra power and glorious humming.

Optional upgrades to increase efficiency include cold air intake, cat-back exhaust system, and air suspension systems to improve fuel efficiency, horsepower, and towing capability.

Feeling dark and broody yourself? Maybe it’s time to take the RAM Night 1500 out for a test drive. Stop by your local RAM dealership in Indianapolis at dusk and cruise the roads in the truck that really “gets” you.