Why You Need a 2017 Dodge Durango

Being a Dodge driver is a way of life. Whether you prefer the roar of the Challenger or durability of the Ram, there are definite advantages to being a Dodge person. The latest SUV we’re offering here at Bloomington Dodge is the Durango. There have been several generations of Durango produced, but the 2017 Dodge Durango is top of the line and gives drivers and passengers a very exciting experience.

It’s Got a Hemi!

2017 Dodge Durango

Sure, there are many other things to recommend about the Dodge Durango, but how much more do you really need to know once you learn that it’s got a Hemi? That roar; that power that “wow” feeling when you press the gas pedal: There is nothing like a Hemi engine.


Have you ever driven an SUV that exhausts you? You shouldn’t have to fight the wheel or feel each and every bump jarring your bones. The Durango’s lack of body roll from its chassis and steering is smooth and responsive. Keep in mind, the Durango is an SUV, a full-sized SUV, so it’s not going to hug the curves like a Challenger or Charger, but it will stick to the road and has the power to get you through those curves with no problems.


The interior of the Durango is comfortable, spacious, and quiet. With a variety of creature comforts such as charging ports, infotainment, and intuitive operation, there’s no reason why anyone should feel “out of touch” while driving or riding. The space in the Durango is very impressive, with a third-row seat and cargo area in the back; there’s a reason why you can fit the whole family and everything you need to go on a camping vacation in one vehicle.

Fuel Efficiency

Okay, let’s be honest. There’s not a lot of fuel efficiency in any SUV. When you have a large vehicle that has serious towing capacity, the fuel efficiency is going to fall into a very limited range, so there’s not a lot of fuel efficiency competition between SUVs. While not as great as a smaller vehicle, the 2017 Durango does have improved efficiency over previous models. The 8-speed automatic with V6 or V8 gives between 14-19 mpg city and between 22-27 mpg highway.


Dodge Durango

Aggressive, large, rugged, sleek, stylish, and sophisticated can all be used to describe the 2017 Dodge Durango. While many of these adjectives may seem to be opposites, that is the beauty of the Durango: All these features combine to create an amazing vehicle that will look great whether you are driving to work, going to the game, or heading out for the evening.

If you haven’t hopped on the Dodge/Hemi train yet, it’s time! There is no driving experience even close to getting behind the wheel of a Dodge Durango with a Hemi. Visit the Community Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Bloomington, Indianapolis dealership today to take a test drive. One thing to remember: You should go with a plan to purchase. Once you get behind the wheel, there’s no way you are going to want to leave without a new Durango!