Five Ways Chrysler Pacifica Outshines Honda Odyssey

As lower fuel prices and improved design and technology make minivans attractive to consumers once more, the minivan wars of years past are heating back up with automakers competing hard for dominance in this competitive segment.

Chrysler Pacifica Outshines Honda Odyssey

Two of the top products in the minivan market are the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica and its Japanese rival, the 2018 Honda Odyssey. The Odyssey is a fine product that lives up to Honda’s reputation, but the Pacifica has some features that its foreign rival just can’t beat.

  • Aesthetics – How do we put this nicely? The Odyssey is just plain … ugly. The Pacifica minivan has a sleeker, more refined exterior, while the Odyssey embraces all of the dorky stereotypes about minivans with its boxy appearance. If you don’t want your kids to ask you to pick them up a block away from their friend’s house, go with the cooler Pacifica.

The Pacifica is just as lovely on the inside, with comfortable seats, and great accents and trim work. The cabin of the Pacifica offers a very modern vibe that kids and adults alike will love.

  • Towing capacity – For families who want to tow watercraft or a small camper, the Pacifica is the better choice, as the vehicle has a towing capacity of 3,600 lbs., while a standard Odyssey has a towing capacity of just 3,000 lbs. The Odyssey’s higher trim levels offer greater towing capacity, but at a higher price.
  • Stow ‘n Go – One of the really neat features of the Pacifica is the vehicle’s Stow ‘n Go option, which allows owners to fold back seats into bins under the floor of the vehicle. This option allows owners to quickly convert passenger space into cargo space and vice versa. The Odyssey has sliding seats that are pretty versatile, but nowhere near as convenient as the Pacifica’s Stow ‘n Go seats.
  • Price – Value-conscious families will definitely want to choose the Pacifica over the Odyssey. A 2017 Chrysler Pacifica starts at about $28,595. A new Odyssey starts at around $30,450. The Pacifica also has a significant price advantage over other competitors such as the Toyota Sienna.
  • Tech – The 2017 Pacifica has a few great tech features that the Odyssey can’t match, such as various apps and games for passengers to enjoy. The Pacifica also offers a convenient infotainment interface, and owners will also enjoy the vehicle’s in-car Wi-Fi system.

The auto-buying public has embraced the Pacifica. In June 2017, sales of the Pacifica were up 59 percent over sales in June 2016—a huge achievement for the vehicle.

2018 Pacifica on Its Way

2018 Pacifica

Chrysler will release the 2018 model of the Pacifica this fall. Anticipated updates to the vehicle include the addition of the fourth-generation Uconnect infotainment system. Rumors also hint at the possible addition of engine idle stop/start, a feature that would help the Pacifica increase its fuel economy.

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