What to Expect from the 2017 Dodge Challenger GT AWD

The Dodge Challenger has always been a timeless favorite. This year’s 2017 Dodge Challenger GT AWD is shaping up to be no exception. With a few test drives in and a report of what this racy little number has to offer, we’re pleased to say it appears to be a show-stopping creation that blends the best of old and new.

From the GT AWD’s streamlined exterior to what’s under the hood, we want to get you excited about the latest and greatest vehicle from Dodge. Dive right in, and, once you’re thrilled, drop by your local Dodge dealership to take one out for a test drive.

The Price

Surprisingly, this isn’t an expensive vehicle. Despite the fact that the new GT AWD carries one of the most time-honored names in vehicle history, it comes in at a price point of around $26,000 USD. In terms of sports cars, that’s incredibly accessible to even middle-class families and singles just starting out. As with all other vehicles, the price may rise when adding a variety of creature comforts.

The Looks

Dodge Challenger

The GT AWD retains that traditional Dodge Challenger feel—an ever-so-slightly boxy front containing the lights and grille with a sleek, streamlined shape that allows for less drag at high speeds. Round retro wheel wells situated side-by-side, a thick front grille, a smaller back end, and large wheels create the illusion of a low-rider, though the car contains no hydraulics.

Where the new Challenger truly shines is in the interior; crisp, clean lines and a bold color scheme make it comfortable and memorable, too. The steering wheel itself just plain feels good in your hands, and the dash is easy to reach, easy to navigate, and made more accessible by its many available options.

What’s Under the Hood?

sports car

This year’s Dodge Challenger boasts better fuel efficiency than ever before. Despite the fact that it contains a 305-HP 3.6L Pentastar® V6 engine, it achieves a surprising 19/30 mpg rating for city/highway driving. Certainly not the most efficient vehicle in the city, but better than some standard compacts and sedans for highway cruising.

It’s also ridiculously fast. While you’ll never likely max it out unless you’re on a road course, the Challenger also broke multiple records for performance including:

  • Highest Horsepower
  • Highest G-Force
  • First Wheelie
  • World’s Fastest 0-60
  • World’s Fastest ¼-mile

This car is effectively faster than the world’s only  $1.6-million exotic car (the Vs. Bugatti Veyron, but only on ¼-mile time). It’s seriously opening up access to speed for drivers who don’t necessarily have the funds to spend on a luxury sports car or custom-tuned job.

Need more power? Have no fear; Dodge has your back. Upgrade your Challenger to the 5.7-ltr. HEMI® V8 or 6.4-ltr. HEMI® V8 engine and get even more performance bang for your buck.

Trust us when we say that the new 2017 Dodge Challenger feels as good to drive as you’re thinking. It’s responsive and smooth but doesn’t sacrifice power or performance along the way. Want to try it out for yourself? Your Indianapolis Dodge dealership can set you up with a test drive upon request.