2018 Jeep Cherokee vs. 2018 Ford Edge

There’s fierce competition for all classes of vehicles in 2018. If you’re looking for an affordable SUV with exceptional functionality, you’ve likely narrowed your choice down to the Jeep Cherokee or the Ford Edge. Both of these vehicles offer significant advantages for drivers, but we believe the Cherokee Jeep in Indianapolis bumps out the competition just by a notch.

Today, we’ll reveal what we learned here at Community Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Bloomington  when we compare the Cherokee and Edge side by side for investigation.

The Cherokee Is More Affordable

Compare Cherokee and Edge

Buying a new car is a significant investment. The similarities between vehicles in the same class makes it difficult to find the right purchase decision, especially in 2018. Many of them are mostly on the same page when it comes to the latest technology. The main difference in price is how many gadgets each manufacturer decides to add into the base model and the quality of the car’s build.

The 2018 Jeep Cherokee is much cheaper than the Ford Edge while offering many of the same high-tech features. The Cherokee starts at $24,395; the Edge tacks on another $5,000 for $29,220. There’s little difference between the two in terms of build quality either, so why pay thousands more for a vehicle that doesn’t stand out?

Jeep Customization Is Unmatched

If the Cherokee only did one thing better than the Edge, it’s the amount of available customization. Personalizing your new car is a great way to make it more “yours” than stepping into a standard, generic, mass-produced vehicle.

The Cherokee has eight different trims to choose from, and each one has packages unique to a specific model for the ultimate in personalization. The Ford Edge does, technically, have more engine options to choose from, but the Cherokee has much more of everything else.

Superior Off-Roading

Anyone who is halfway serious about off-roading is better off with a Cherokee. The Cherokee is hands-down better than the Edge because it was designed with rough terrains in mind. That’s not to say it underperforms on the road, either.

The Cherokee also gets slightly better gas mileage than the Edge. Its advanced traction control system lets you tailor your engine to any terrain or weather conditions you’re up against. Add in the ability for the Cherokee to go rock crawling and more efficiently haul heavy loads on rough terrain, and the winner is clear in this category. One starts to wonder where the value in the Ford Edge is.

Front Seats

2018 Jeep Cherokee

While it may not be much of a perk at first glance, the Cherokee has more comfortable and higher-quality seats than the Edge. Whether you’re spending a lot of time on the road or traversing rough terrain, you need to have comfy seating. It’s more tempting to stay in a Cherokee and keep driving than it is with an Edge, making it ideal for families, business travelers, and even commuters.

If your goal is to purchase an independent and customizable SUV, the 2018 Jeep Cherokee will give you the best bang for your buck. It’s affordable, durable, and highly customizable. What’s not to love about it? Give us a call at Community Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Bloomington  via 812-331-3200 to get a quote or schedule a test drive today!