The 2017 Dodge Journey: An Affordable Crossover

The crossover vehicle category is very popular with car buyers of all ages right now, from millennials to families and retirees. The reason this market is so popular is because of the added value crossovers provide and their flexibility to be adaptive to a variety of vehicle needs.

Essentially, a crossover can be likened to a combination of a traditional minivan combined with the features of a medium to full-sized sedan, while providing the cargo capacity typically found with full-size trucks. As you can, the very nature of the crossover makes it appealing for a wide range of car buyers.

The 2017 Dodge Journey

First introduced as a 2009 model at Dodge dealerships, the Dodge Journey is a crossover that offers many of the features and options found on more expensive models, but it was designed with affordability in mind. The current 2017 Journeys are available in five different trim packages:

  • Journey SE
  • Journey SXT
  • Journey Crossroad
  • Journey Crossroad Plus
  • Journey GT

The GT package is new for 2017 and includes many additional features and options, like a premium audio system and added safety features, including additional airbags, dark sensing headlights, auto delayed headlights, and more.

Another great reason to consider a Dodge Journey as your next crossover is the optional third-row of seating. Two-row seating provides ample comfort for up to five adults, which is remarkable, as other crossovers say they will seat five adults, yet, when tested, the second seat always seems a bit overcrowded for adults. Yet, this is not the case with the Journey; plus, you can upgrade to a third-row to accommodate up to seven passengers.

Other hidden gems you will find inside the Journey are under seat storage compartments and side storage areas great for a variety of items, including kids’ toys, games, and books. There is even a storage area inside that can be used as a cooler for those long road trips! You can even put down both rows of rear seats, which fit flat, like on Dodge minivans, for 67 cubic feet of cargo space!

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If you are a tech geek, you will not be disappointed by the 8.4-inch touchscreen Infotainment center on the Dodge Journey. It has easy-to-navigate menus, and remote USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity.

While some might find the 4-cylinder engine a bit sluggish, Dodge does offer a V6 engine upgrade on select trim packages. Regardless of which engine option you choose, the Journey does have comparable fuel efficiencies compared to other crossovers and can provide up to 512 highway miles of travel in between fill-ups.

Standard safety features do include stability and traction control, anti-lock brakes, front and side airbags, driver knee airbag, side curtain airbags, and active restraints. There are also optional upgrades for second-row child booster seats, rear parking sensors, and a backup camera.

What truly makes the Journey affordable for all budgets is that base models start around $21,000, not counting dealer incentives, special offers, or other promotions that could lower this price. To check out the 2017 Dodge Journey or to take one for a test drive, please feel free to stop by Community Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Bloomington or call us at 812-331-3200 today!